'Why fat girls shouldn't wear bikinis'

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American YouTuber and total babe Loey Lane has expertly shut down the tired old tropes that online commenters trot out time-and-time again whenever a woman over a certain size dares to wear swimwear.

"Apparently fat girls and bikinis get a lot of mixed reviews," makeup expert Lane quips at the start of her vlog (which has already racked up nearly 2 million views).

She then lists the four most common criticisms she receives when she shares a swimwear moment with her hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers.

"Other body types are not told this ... in-shape women are not told to take off their running shorts because it makes people uncomfortable. So I'm going to call bull on that one and ask why someone who is larger should have to cover more square inches of their body because your brain cannot somehow process that there is a person in front of you in minimal clothing."

Touché - dear nasty commenter, you're the one making the world an uncomfortable place. Not Loey and her two piece.