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Alexis de Maud'huy is an entrepreneur and founder of the first collaborative cultural encyclopedia of love,

When he fell in love with and got married with Tatyana Franck, he thought of a wedding gift that would measure the extent of his love for Tatyana and that is the, a wiki site where all the people contributes articles of love all the while touches the hearts of people of all walks of life and of all ages.

Alexis wanted to share that kind of love, spread the love and expound the ideas or the diversity of love in the most interesting way through an instrument of cultural references and cultural context. From a romantic love for his love the idea grew to a moral endeavor to spread love, explore all kinds of emotional bonds and to awaken all the people's emotional consciousness towards positive emotions and the beauty of life as seen in arts.

Moreover, Alexis idea of love, as the only thing that all the people needs, made him an exponent of love, the father of all Love Artivist, and a catalyst of making the world a better place through love.

"The idea is so that everyone can make a display of affection, a public display of affection, it can be a hug, it can be a French kiss, it can be whatever you love and to whoever you love. So if you like your Chihuahua, if you love your grandmother, you can just come here because every kind of love should be respected,"
- Alexis de Maudhuy, GNC News Channel Interview
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Created by a young Parisian, Alexis Maud'huy, this brand new site already contains 350,000 pages Wikilovers enriched by more than 170 countries.