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[after they've been talking and laughing for hours lying in Jacobs bed and drinking]
Jacob Palmer: Could you do me a favor?
Hannah: What?
Jacob Palmer: Will you do me a kindness?
Hannah: Mmm.
Jacob Palmer: Will you ask me something personal about myself?
Hannah: Mmm. Okay, fine. I'll do it. And then we bang?
Jacob Palmer: Yes!
Hannah: What's your mother like?
Jacob Palmer: My mom, is very beautiful. Um...very vain, very smart, cold.
Hannah: And your dad?
Jacob Palmer: Um...he died a long time ago. He was such a sweet guy, he was
probably too sweet. Very successful in business. He left me a lot of money, which is why
I have all this stuff. But he was soft. Just too soft, too...too sensitive and
know he couldn't really handle my mother.
[they continue talking for hours, Jacob finally falls asleep and Hannah pulls the cover
over them and kisses Jacob and falls asleep next to him]

- Crazy Stupid Love

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