Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

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Anna Kournikova started dating pop star Enrique Iglesias in late 2001 (she appeared in his video, "Escape"). Kournikova has consistently refused to directly confirm or deny the status of her personal relationships. In June 2008, Iglesias was quoted by the Daily Star as having married Kournikova the previous year and subsequently separated. The couple have invested in a $20 million home to be built on a private island in Miami. In 2003 and again in 2005, rumors of their secret wedding spread but the two did not confirm or deny the marriage. In a 2010 interview, Kournikova confirmed that she and Iglesias have been together for over eight years but have no plans to marry in the near future.

Enrique Iglesias - Escape

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova - Fan video

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Anna Kournikova in Moscow at a concert by Enrique Iglesias

Anna Kournikova in Moscow at a concert by Enrique Iglesias ...

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias boating in Miami

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Enrique Iglesias - Just Wanna Be With You

Monday night, and I feel so low,I count the hours, but they go so slow.I know the sound of your voice, can save my soul.City lights, the streets are gold.Looked down my window to the world below.Move so fast, but it feels ...

Enrique Iglesias - You're My Number One
I've kissed the moon a million times Danced with angels in the sky I've seen snowfall in the summertime Felt the healing of the powers above I've seen the world from he highest mountain Tasted love from the purest ...

Enrique Iglesias - I Have Always Loved You
Since the beginning of time Since it started to rain Since I heard you laugh Since I felt your pain I was too young, you were much younger We were afraid of each other`s hunger I have always loved you There`s never been anyone else I knew you ...

Enrique Iglesias - Only You
Looking from a window above It's like a story of love Can you hear me. Came back only yesterday I'm moving further away Want you near me. All I needed was the love you gave All I needed for another day All I ever knew Only you Sometimes when ...

Enrique Iglesias - Say It
oh oh yeah, Don't tell me, If your leaving in the morning, I don't want to have a warning, If your not here, Just take me, Please take me for the last time, 'Cause baby now is not the right time, For us to be scared. Yes I know I wasn't ...

Enrique Iglesias - Be With You
Monday night I feel so low Count the hours they go so slow I know the sound of your voice Can save my soul City lights, streets of gold Look out my window to the world below Moves so fast and it feels so cold And I`m all alone Don`t let me die ...

Enrique Iglesias - Could I Have This Kiss Forever - (with Whitney Houston)
You are all I desire You have captured me I want to hold you I want to be close to you I never want to let go I wish that this night would never end I need to know Could I hold you for a lifetime Could I look into your eyes Could I have this night ...

Enrique Iglesias' Father Julio Iglesias Has Never Met Girlfriend Anna Kournikova After 12 Years of Dating
Enrique Iglesias' also-famous father, Julio Iglesias, has never met his girlfriend Anna Kournikova after 12 years of dating. The Latin singer made the surprising admission in Billboard's April 2014 issue: "The last 14 years, 15 years of my life have flown by. And that's the only way I can truly explain it," the 38-year-old said. "There's no reason why ...

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova 'on the rocks' over marriage issue?
We can't remember the last time we thought about Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias, but Page Six reminds us that they're still together, at least for now. Seems they're supposedly "on the rocks" after about a dozen years of coupledom.