Holding hands

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Two children holding hands

Holding hands is a form of physical intimacy involving two or more people. It may or may not be romantic.

Cultural aspects

Whether friends hold hands depends on culture and gender: in Western culture this is mainly done by women and small children (sometimes for authoritative control, not affection), spouses and romantic couples. In Arab countries, Africa, some parts of Asia, and traditionally in some Mediterranean and Southern European cultures (especially in Sicily) it is done also by men and/or boys for friendship and/or a sign of respect.

George W. Bush and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia holding hands struck a nerve with the American people.

The custom of men holding hands can cause discomfort in societies unused to it, as it did with some Americans, when, in 2005, then Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia held hands in public with the American president George W. Bush.[1] 74% of gay male respondents in a 2014 EU Fundamental Rights Agency survey say they avoid holding hands in public for fear of harassment and assault.[2]

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