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Jean Merilyn Simmons was a British actress. She was one of J. Arthur Rank's 'well-spoken young starlets.'



Jean Simmons

Jean Simmons was the screen goddess with it all, she was radiantly beautiful, elegant and talented. Simmons' beauty and genuine talent carried her from success to success. Simmons earned a well-deserved reputation as a strikingly beautiful, but more importantly, reliable leading lady.

Simmons was married to Stewart Granger in 1949, 16 years her senior and a major star in Britain. Granger was a loving and protective husband to Simmons. There came a time in Simmons' career that her manager Howard Hughes grew a huge interest in her, not only as an actress, but as a woman. Granger was jealous and furious and fought with Hughes despite the consequences they knew would follow. It was the right and proper thing for a husband to do, but it was also a big mistake. This caused the vindictive Hughes to announce that he was going to ruin Simmons' career. Luckily, he never managed that. Jean Simmons was too good, too beautiful and too popular with audiences.

Eventually Simmons and Granger divorced and she fell in love yet again with Richard Brooks who was 17 years older than her. Since her father had died when she was 16, her two marriages to older men might suggest she was looking for a father figure, but Simmons strongly disagreed.

Simmons was a considerable actress, she belonged to a group of starlets such as Audrey Hepburn, who around the same time went to Hollywood and conquered it. Simmons was certainly a star - just not quite as big a star as she might have been.



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There was the discomfort of seeing one of
the beautiful wasted actresses of the screen,
Jean Simmons. Her suggestions of sensibility -
what she embodies - were too fine for the world
of that movie. Her presence made the movie
she was trapped in seem uglier.

- Pauline Kael

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