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Liza! Liza! (1964)

Liza! Liza!
Liza! Liza!
  1. It's Just a Matter of Time
  2. If I Were in Your Shoes
  3. Meantime
  4. Try to Remember
  5. I'm All I've Got
  6. Maybe Soon
  7. Maybe This Time
  8. Don't Ever Leave Me
  9. The Travelin' Life
  10. Together (Wherever We Go)
  11. Blue Moon
  12. I Knew Him When

It Amazes Me (1965)

It Amazes Me
It Amazes Me
  1. Wait Till You See Him
  2. My Shining Hour
  3. I Like the Likes of You
  4. It Amazes Me
  5. Looking at You
  6. I Have Never Seen Snow
  7. Plenty of Time
  8. For Every Man There's a Woman
  9. Lorelei
  10. Shouldn't There Be Lightning?
  11. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
  12. Walk Right In/How Come You Do Me Like You Do

There Is a Time (1966)

There Is a Time
There Is a Time
  1. There Is a Time (Le Temps)
  2. I (Who Have Nothing)
  3. M'Lord
  4. Watch What Happens
  5. One of Those Songs
  6. Days of the Waltz
  7. Ay Marieke
  8. Love at Last You Have Found Me
  9. I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise
  10. See the Old Man
  11. The Parisians

Liza Minnelli (1968)

Liza Minnelli
Liza Minnelli
  1. The Debutante's Ball
  2. Happyland
  3. The Look of Love
  4. (The Tragedy Of) Butterfly McHeart
  5. Waiting for My Friend
  6. Married/You Better Sit Down Kids
  7. So Long Dad
  8. For No One
  9. My Mammy
  10. The Happy Time

Come Saturday Morning (1969)

Come Saturday Morning
Come Saturday Morning
  1. Come Saturday Morning
  2. Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy
  3. Leavin' on a Jet Plane
  4. Wailing of the Willow
  5. Nevertheless
  6. Wherefore and Why
  7. Love Story
  8. On a Slow Boat to China
  9. Don't Let Me Lose This Dream
  10. Simon
  11. Macarthur Park - Didn't We

New Feelin' (1970)

New Feelin'
New Feelin'
  1. Love for Sale
  2. Stormy Weather
  3. Come Rain or Come Shine
  4. Lazy Bones
  5. Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine
  6. I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone
  7. The Man I Love
  8. How Long Has This Been Going On?
  9. God Bless the Child
  10. Maybe This Time

Cabaret (1972)

  • Movie Soundtrack by various artists
  1. Willkommen by Joel Grey
  2. Mein Herr by Liza Minnelli
  3. Maybe This Time by Liza Minnelli
  4. Money, Money by Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey
  5. Two Ladies
  6. Sitting Pretty (Instrumental)
  7. Tomorrow Belongs to Me by Mark Lambert
  8. Tiller Girls
  9. Heiraten (Married) by Greta Keller
  10. If You Could See Her by Joel Grey
  11. Cabaret by Liza Minnelli
  12. Finale

The Singer (1973)

The Singer
The Singer
  1. I Believe in Music
  2. Use Me
  3. I'd Love You to Want Me
  4. Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?
  5. You're So Vain
  6. Where Is the Love
  7. The Singer
  8. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  9. Dancing in the Moonlight
  10. You Are the Sunshine of My Life
  11. Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me

Tropical Nights (1977)

Tropical Nights
Tropical Nights
  1. Jimi Jimi
  2. When It Comes Down to It
  3. I Love Every Little Thing About You
  4. Easy
  5. I'm Your New Best Friend
  6. Medley: Tropical Nights/Bali Ha'i
  7. Take Me Through/I Could Come to Love You
  8. Come Home Babe
  9. A Beautiful Thing

Results (1989)

  1. I Want You Now
  2. Losing My Mind
  3. If There Was Love
  4. So Sorry, I Said
  5. Don't Drop Bombs
  6. Twist in My Sobriety
  7. Rent
  8. Love Pains
  9. Tonight Is Forever
  10. I Can't Say Goodnight

Gently (1996)

  1. Chances Are (featuring Johnny Mathis)
  2. You Stepped Out of a Dream
  3. Embraceable You
  4. Close Your Eyes
  5. Some Cats Know
  6. Lost in You
  7. I Got Lost in His Arms
  8. It Had to Be You
  9. Never Let Me Go
  10. Does He Love You? (featuring Donna Summer)
  11. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

Liza with a "Z" (2006)

Liza with w "Z"
Liza with w "Z"
  1. Yes
  2. God Bless the Child
  3. Say Liza (Liza with a 'Z')
  4. It Was a Good Time
  5. I Gotcha
  6. Son of a Preacher Man
  7. Ring Them Bells
  8. Bye Bye Blackbird
  9. You've Let Yourself Go
  10. My Mammy
  11. Cabaret Medley/Bows

Liza's at the Palace... (2009)

Liza's at the Palace...
Liza's at the Palace...


  1. Teach Me Tonight
  2. I Would Never Leave You
  3. If You Hadn't, But You Did
  4. What Makes a Man a Man?
  5. My Own Best Friend
  6. Maybe This Time
  7. He's Funny That Way
  8. Palace Medley


  1. Cabaret
  2. But the World Goes 'round
  3. Hello, Hello
  4. Jubilee Time
  5. Basin Street Blues
  6. Clap Yo' Hands
  7. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away)
  8. I Love a Violin
  9. Mammy
  10. Theme from 'New York, New York'

Confessions (2010)

  1. Confession
  2. You Fascinate Me So
  3. All the Way
  4. I Hadn't Anyone Till You
  5. This Heart of Mine
  6. I Got Lost in Arms
  7. Remind Me
  8. Close Your Eyes
  9. He's a Tramp
  10. I Must Have That Man
  11. On Such a Night as This
  12. Moments Like You
  13. If I Had You
  14. At Last

Other Songs

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  1. Money, Money
  2. All That Jazz
  3. Buckle Down Winsocki
  4. But The World Goes 'Round
  5. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
  6. Comme Ils Disent
  7. Don't Smoke In Bed
  8. Don't Tell Mama
  9. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
  10. Everybody Loves My Baby
  11. Hello Dolly
  12. How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know
  13. I Happen To Like New York
  14. I Will Wait For You
  15. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
  16. If Had To Be You
  17. Imagine
  18. La Boheme
  19. Les Comediens
  20. Liza (With A "Z")
  21. Liza With A "Z"
  22. Me And My Baby
  23. Mean To Me
  24. Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis
  25. Moments Like This
  26. Mr. Emery Won't Be Home
  27. My Little Corner Of The World
  28. New York, New York
  29. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out
  30. Non Je N'Ai Rien Oublie
  31. Old Friends
  32. One Step
  33. Quiet Thing
  34. Say Liza (Liza With A Z)
  35. Shine On Harvest Moon
  36. Sing Happy
  37. Singer
  38. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
  39. Some People
  40. Thank Heaven For Little Girls
  41. Theme From "New York, New York"
  42. Together Wherever We Go (Gypsy)
  43. Trolly Song
  44. Tu T'Laisses Aller
  45. What Did I Have That I Don't Have?
  46. You Are My Lucky Star
  47. You've Got To See Mama Ev'ry Night (Or You Can't See Mama At All)

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