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Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra (born November 19, 1961),known professionally as Meg Ryan, is an American actress and producer. After playing several minor roles in film and television, Ryan became a movie star in 1989, when she appeared in When Harry Met Sally....


Meg Ryan

Ryan married actor Dennis Quaid on Valentine's Day 1991, after starring in two films with him (D.O.A. and Innerspace). She agreed to marry him only after he kicked his cocaine addiction. Quaid and Ryan have one child together, Jack Quaid, born April 24, 1992.In 2000, she became involved with Russell Crowe on the set of Proof of Life. She and Quaid separated and their divorce became final on July 16, 2001.In September 2008, Ryan revealed Quaid had been unfaithful to her for a long time while they were married.

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"It was not a healthy marriage for long time. It was never about another man, it was about what my and Dennis's relationship could not sustain."

"I think there's an ongoing effort involved in trying to get a bigger perspective, trying to let go of things that limit your capacity to love and be loved or your capacity to hear and to really speak."

"Clearly romantic comedy is my franchise genre, I don't mind saying that, it's true. I love doing them and hopefully always will do them."

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Ex-lovers quarrel in 'Addicted to Love' Review: But you know how a Meg Ryan romantic comedy is going to turn out. Baltimore Sun

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