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Michelle Pfeiffer born as Michelle Marie Pfeiffer on April 29, 1958.She is an American actress.She made her film debut in 1980 in The Hollywood Knights,but 1st garnered mainstream attention with her performance in Brian De Palma.She graduated from Fountain Valley High School in 1976, and attended one year at the Golden West College, where she studied to become a court reporter.



Michelle Pfeiffer was married to actor/director Peter Horton ("Gary" of "thirty something" (1987)) in 1981. They were later divorced, and she then had a three year relationship with actor Fisher Stevens. When that did not work out, Pfeiffer decided she did not want to wait any longer before having her own family, and in March 1993, she adopted a baby girl, Claudia Rose. On November 13th of the same year, she married lawyer-turned-writer/producer David E. Kelley, creator of "Picket Fences" (1992), "Chicago Hope" (1994), "The Practice" (1997), and "Boston Public" (2000). On August 5, 1994, their son John Henry was born. Michelle Pfeiffer was an advocate of the American Cancer Society because she was once a smoker for 10 years and she have a niece who suffered from leukemia for 10 years that's why she decided to support the said society. She is also a supporter for Humane Society.

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I do portraits. I usually do live
models in a class environment, but
I've been painting at home more.
I really love the human form, and
I love faces. I've tried to do
landscapes a few times.

- Michelle Pfeiffer

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