Paternal tenderness

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A father's love is best expressed through the tenderness they show to their children and how a father allots time to spend the same with his children.

The tenderness of a father to his children are usually touching and moving where they will be admired and loved by their children, their wives and even by strangers who happens to see such display of affections.Furthermore, it is but a joy in every hearts to see how a father's tenderness strenghtens a family as much as how a father is fond of his children.

As fathers expresses their love and tenderness to their children nothing is more delightful and fullfiling that their love and tenderness are being appreciated and payed in return.



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Kneeling, Holding, Protecting, 1981 (bronze), Williams, Glynn (b. 1939) / The Sherwin Collection, Leeds, UK / The Bridgeman Art Library

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