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We're not all thoughtless and cruel to animals. There are thousands of people who look after their pets and love them. The Proteus Reptile Trust in Birmingham is staffed, like many rescue centers, totally by volunteers. There are hundreds of people who spend their lives trying to save animals from nastier people who think animals are a commodity which they may use as they please. You have to be brave to plunge into the world of animal cruelty and do something about it. You may think: why bother with animals? Why not try and save humans? But there is a proven link between animal abuse and domestic violence. You can bet your life that a man who kicks his dog is not going to treat his wife and children with love and tenderness.



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  • Animal Tenderness

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The only honest reaction and true loyalty we get is from our animals.
Once they're your friends,
you can do no wrong.

Dick Van Patten

I'm not an activist;
I don't look for controversy.
I'm not a political person, <bre> but I'm a person with compassion.
I care passionately about equal rights.
I care about human rights.
I care about animal rights.

Ellen DeGeneres

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