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In art, tenderness comes either as a subject, element or an instrument to convey the meaning of an art or it sought to depict. Particularly in the Romantic period where most art piece features an intense emotion from aesthetic experience hence art became expressive of the emotions present in their work of art.

And some famous subjects of art is the human tenderness, the beauty, affectionate and pure of heart that man is capable to give and so fortunate to receive. Like Lilly Martin Spencer's Domestic Happiness

Regardless of forms, genres, media, and styles either of modern or contemporary art the tenderness as a subject thereof revolves around the love and the nature of people and even animals and between their relationship towards another. Thereby, giving beauty and conveying strong emotions and affections experienced in life or the idea between the lines.


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What distinguishes a great artist from
a weak one is first their sensibility and
tenderness; second, their imagination,
and third, their industry.

- Salman Rushdie

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