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It is always important to show affection to the person one loves dearly. There are many ways to show affection but caressing may be the most effective way of showing love and affection. Both men and women love to be touched and caressed by their partner. A caress is a very simple way of communicating one’s deep love and attraction towards one’s partner.

Head is the primary part of the body. Showing love or care to someone can be expressed by kissing there head or forehead. Also, caressing someone's head in an intimate moment may result to an intense sexual feelings. Synonymously, it may refer to thought, thinking and mind mostly used by a friend or by any love one when they are to convince a love one to choose whats good for him/her.

Women relate intimacy to the heart or the soul more than to the brain or the genitals, although when true sexual intimacy does occur, sexual passion is its by-product. This seems to be true in all areas, not just sex.



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The real lover is the man who can thrill you just by touching your head
or smiling into your eyes -
or just by staring into space.

Marilyn Monroe

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"Rather than making love, a secure embrace with contact from head to toe is sometimes all that needs to happen. Holding each other's bodies creates a sacred space that does not have to be filled with anything—not talking, not even an arousing touch. When you feel your bodies fit together, simply hold each other and breathe deeply in sync. Embracing from head to toe connects many acupressure points and increases the healing contact. The stillness of the embrace encourages the life force to flow from point to point throughout your bodies, creating a deep and transcendent experience."


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