Tenderness in the Hips

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Our hips are often referred to as our foundation, and are collectively called the pelvis. It is also the site where often problems would occur due to the amount of motion and various attachments they have. The hips have been seen as an attractive trait for women for thousands of years. Research suggests that a woman's attractiveness relates to the size of her waist compared with her hips. The hourglass figure is found to be the most attractive figure of women across countries and cultures. Men find the shapely hips of women eye-catching, luscious and sexy. A small waist-to-hip ratio is instinctively attractive to men because they suggest that the woman is known to be the most fertile and most likely to produce a healthy offspring, no matter what size that woman is.



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I am taking belly dancing now.
My hips are double-jointed,
so I can do it really easi

Alexa Vega

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"Recently, she aired her warnings in Elephant Journal, an online yoga magazine. If a woman feels hip tenderness when walking, or sharp pain when doing poses like the revolved triangle, Ms. Edwards said, “you may want to back off."


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