The Seduction of Joe Tynan

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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} The Seduction of Joe Tynan is a 1979 American political film drama directed by Jerry Schatzberg and produced by Martin Bregman.[1] The screenplay was written by Alan Alda, who also played the title role.[2]

The film stars Alda, Barbara Harris, and Meryl Streep, with Rip Torn, Melvyn Douglas, Charles Kimbrough, and Carrie Nye.[3] Meryl Streep said that she was on "automatic pilot" during filming because she went to work not long after the death of John Cazale, adding that she got through the process largely due to how supportive Alda was.



Respected liberal Senator Joe Tynan is asked to lead the opposition to a Supreme Court appointment and he finds himself struggling with his own morality and the corruption surrounding him. He falls for a lovely lady attorney and has an affair that jeopardizes his marriage, and possibly, his career.





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